Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Confirmation and Word Count Update

I think I've finished my introduction and two chapters for my Confirmation of Status - just over 28,000 words including bibliography (almost as long as the M.Phil thesis I handed in two years ago!)

For the record, here are latest figures:

Introduction: 5,211

1 Democracy as Freedom and Equality: 8,349

2 Maximizing Arguments for Majority Rule: 11,422

3 Using Lotteries to Adjudicate between People: 9,682

4 Lottery-Voting Described: 11,467

5 Minimal Conditions of Social Choice: 19,418

6 Rationality: 9,557

7 Putting Lottery-Voting into Practice: 7,499 (this largely consists of material cut out of ch.4, but repeats some that's still in there)

Conclusion: 0 (yet)

Total: 82,605 (compared to the previous total)

It's chapters three and four I'm submitting, so they're pretty much finished. Chapter one is in a decent state, but two needs some work. Those four are available on WebLearn.

Five-through-seven are still very rough - just disorganized notes really, and even a bit repetitive - so they're not ready for the public yet. Still, it looks like it's the maximum word limit (100,000) rather than minimum (80,000) that will be troubling me!

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At 11:22 pm, Anonymous Milan said...

Those are really long chapters...

Good luck


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