Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lotteries in Popular Discourse

I'm currently combing through my collection of newspaper cuttings on lotteries, while trying to footnote the relevant section of my thesis. Here's what I've got (more for my record, but if anyone's interested feel free):

'Postcode lotteries' condemned:

S. O’Neill, F. Gibb and H. Brooke (2005) ‘Justice by postcode: the lottery revealedThe Times 68552 (Wed 23/11/05) 1-2 [criminal conviction rates]

Anonymous (2006) ‘The Human Touch: Selecting junior doctors online makes patient care a lottery’ [leading article] The Times (Sat 04/03/06) 23 [selecting doctors]

B. Malkin (2006) ‘Graduate’s case illustrates asylum ‘lottery’, say campaignersSunday Telegraph (23/04/06) 10 [asylum applications]

School/university places:

H. Brighouse (2000) ‘How lotteries could make school admissions a whole lot fairerThe Independent (Fri 08/06/00) [see also CT]

A. Ryan (2000) ‘Oxford BluesThe Guardian (Wed 24/05/00) [following discussion recorded here]

A. Ryan (2007) ‘Alan Ryan’ [regular column] The Times Higher Education Supplement (Fri 19/01/07) (subscription required) [reported in Cherwell]

B. Schwartz (2007) ‘Make college admissions a crapshoot: Top schools are already too selective, so why not draw names from a hat?’ LA Times (Sun 18/03/07) [recently reported by me]

See also BBC.

Brighton Feb-Mar 2007

D. Andalo (2007) ‘Tories attack council's plan to allocate school places by lotteryThe Guardian (Wed 28/02/07) [which, surprisingly, cites The Daily Telegraph!]

R. Garner (2007) ‘Thousands of schools set to follow Brighton with admission lotteriesThe Independent (Thur 01/03/07)

S. Laville and R. Smithers (2007) ‘Council runs lottery for school places’ and ‘War over school boundaries divides BrightonThe Guardian (Thur 01/03/07) pages 1 and 4

G. Paton (2007) ‘Schools can use lotteries for ‘fairer’ admissions, says ministerThe Daily Telegraph (Thur 01/03/07) 15

Also on the blogosphere. And my friend Kieran's letter to The Observer can be found here.

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