Tuesday, April 03, 2007

PSV Eindhoven 0-3 Liverpool

I always get nervous when the commentators' pre-match build-up focuses on 'how many?' rather than 'who will win?' - tonight one actually compared this to England v Andorra! Thankfully, it turned out I needn't have worried. PSV - hampered by further injuries - are a far cry from the team that almost beat AC Milan to face us in the 2005 final, or even the team that eliminated Arsenal in the previous round.

We controlled most of the game, and goals from Gerrard, Riise and Crouch were all we deserved. I was hoping a late fourth would really kill things, but sadly it wasn't to be. In fact, we started playing rather raggardly, and did concede chances - not helped by losing Aurelio after Riise had already left the pitch. That's a blow, because it was another impressive performance (following his two assists versus Arsenal) and early reports suggest we may miss him for the rest of the season. Hurry back back Harry Kewell...

Otherwise, we know more than anyone about three goal comebacks, but the away goals should pretty much seal this. Kuyt's late (deliberate?) booking rules him out of the return, but I wouldn't be surprised to see stars rested and the likes of Fowler, Zenden and Hyypia get a game.

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