Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool (CL, 1st leg)

So the second match between Liverpool and Arsenal this season also ends in a 1-1 draw (read about the first here); again with Arsenal probably dominating play, but not overly exerting Reina. Many pundits said an away goal could prove crucial, but at one a piece I think this is still the most closely balanced of the four semi-finals (Chelsea's shock defeat makes that now close, but I'd still expect them to progress at home).

Arsenal have such dangerous attacking players that I wouldn't bank on a clean sheet at Anfield, and if our away goal is cancelled we need a win or extra time (which could be a distinct possibility). Before that, there's another visit to the Emirates in the league, but I'd probably be willing to concede defeat there in exchange for progress on Tuesday. Only time will tell whether arsenal will still be in the hunt for two trophies...

UPDATE: It's something of a shock to see Wenger criticizing someone for not seeing something on a football pitch.

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