Sunday, April 06, 2008

White Wedding

Last night was my friend Nick's wedding. Since I'm not currently in Oxford, it meant a quick trip back. This reminded me how bad public transport can be. Buses from my house to Colchester station are supposed to be about every 20 minutes on a Saturday but, since the one I went for didn't seem to turn up, I had to wait about 25 minutes - ironically it took me about as long to get to Colchester station as it then took to get to Liverpool Street. Thankfully the rest of the journey went smoothly, with short waits for quick trains - even one from Paddington that only stopped at Reading and Oxford (which I don't think I've ever had before). Sadly, things look like they'll be much worse today, although at least I'm not in Kent.

I wasn't at the service itself, but the reception was held in Teddy Hall - which confusingly has a hall named the Wolfson Hall. Nick and his wife had booked an indie covers band and chosen songs to be played between and after their two sets, which gave the night a really individual feel - they both have good taste in music and the result was very them. I did think a few of the song choices were a bit odd though, but that will have to be a separate post.

Since Nick and his wife have known each other since school, there were obviously lots of old friends who have known them both a long time. There weren't too many from Oxford, although we did have a 'Jesubite' photo (the couple plus me, Lisa, Sara, Steve & Vicki). It didn't matter too much, as I knew several from the stag weekend and met a few others (through them), then spent most of the night dancing anyway. I should also mention the food - there was a very nice buffet selection (which I wish I'd had more of!), particularly the brandy snap baskets and - instead of a traditional wedding cake - a selection of cup cakes.

All in all, it was a very fun night, and I wish the two of them many future years of happiness together. Too bad that when it ended, at midnight, there hadn't yet been any snow though. Waking up this morning, Oxford was covered in a particularly beautiful layer of white that really would have made it a white wedding!

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