Tuesday, April 11, 2006

80s TV

Children's TV in the 1980s was generally created by drug-addled adults, and so gave us such gems as Henry's Cat, The Magic Roundabout, and goodness knows how many others I've forgotten.

It was only in the course of reviewing Flock - the latest album by Bell X1, who I saw live last month - that their track 'Just Like Mr Benn' reminded me of another.

Since anyone I know reading this is probably within a few years of me, they may well remember this one. A suited figure in a bowler hat (possible a civil servant or some such) visits a magic clothes shop, where each week he dons a different costume - such as cowboy or astronaut - and lives out magical adventures.

A whole range of interpretations, including religious, and homosexual ones, can be found here.

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