Sunday, April 09, 2006

Liverpool 1-0 Bolton

Thankfully the rails seem to have come off Bolton's European charge at just the right time for us, as they're normally a tricky side to face. Nonetheless it was stil la tight match, decided by a solitary goal from Robbie Fowler.

Personally I think Rafa has to keep him on for another season. I'd be happy to see Cisse and/or Morientes go if we could get replacements, but I don't expect a complete overhaul of our strikers. Given that Robbie is ours to sign, for what I assume are relatively modest wages and no fee, it should be a no brainer - and we should do it quick, before other teams start sniffing around. (Though thankfully Robbie doesn't want to go anywhere else)

UPDATE: Incidentally, I think the BBC have been shit-stirring a bit here. Here they report Benitez saying "Maybe you can find fantastic players of, say, 23 years old who also have fantastic pace and quality" and interpret this as a hint Robbie won't get a new contract offer. But the LFC official site reports what's presumably the same quote as "But maybe you could find three top-class strikers who are 23 years old, can score goals and have pace. Then you have to think", which doesn't sound so doom-and-gloom for Robbie, bearing in mind we certainly don't have said top class young strikers at the club at present (with all due respect to FSP, ALT and Mellor).

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