Saturday, April 08, 2006


My dad normally goes on daytrips from Essex to Bridgend about three times a year with his friend Pete, to visit some of Pete's relatives. Since I was planning on coming home the same day, I first suggested he could pick me up on the way home, and he then suggested I could join them for a trip to Wales. So I did.

Given the whole trip is about 250 miles - maybe 5 hours - each way it seems an awful lot of travelling to me for the sake of about 4 hours in Wales. I'd forgotten how much I hate long car journeys. It isn't so much lack of leg-room as headroom, meaning my back is still sore from constant slouching (no wonder I have bad posture!)

Wales itself was pleasant enough. We met Pete's elderly aunt Trish, took her for a pub meal, and then (leaving her in the car) went for a 40 minute walk along the sea-front cliffs at Ogmore by Sea. After that, there was only time for a quick tea, before the drive home.

Thankfully we had a stop at Reading services, for baguette and chips - they were much better food-wise than Oxford services. I was also quite surprised (and happy) to hear Motley Crue, QOTSA and Offspring being played in the services. Hurrah for good taste. Although having said that, we did catch some good music over the various radio stations we listened to on the journey; including The Upper Room and a Deep Dish remix/cover of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams.

Still, I'm glad to be home now. Though I'm sure I'll be bored by the end of the week (so expect probably less frequent updates)


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