Friday, April 28, 2006


After a hectic week of classes, Friday is my ‘quiet day’. John Finnis’ second Jurisprudence lecture was in the morning, but that was my only appointment for the day until teaching a tutorial at 4.

Unfortunately I wasn’t perhaps quite as well prepared as I’d have liked, since I had some other distractions – the need to get a haircut, and my friend Ellie breaking up with her boyfriend Daan. Still, I thought the tutorial went reasonably well, I just didn’t have time to prepare all the notes I’d intended.

After dinner, I spent a while doing Times (non-cryptic) crosswords with Becca and Ellie. Despite Becca and I motoring through most of one really easily Tuesday, we were really bad at both we tried. So much for us all being brainy then… After that, I went home and watched TV. Friday nights out are over-rated (plus I was tired enough from Thursday)


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