Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CL Final

As in 1999, I admit I watched this game with mixed feelings. Generally I’ll support British teams in Europe – and Arsenal are certainly a lot less gut-wrenching to support than the Chavs or Mancs – but there reaches a point where I’m not quite sure I want another British team (and rival) to lift a cup.

If Arsenal had played Barca off the park, then I could probably feel pleased for them. As it was, I was happy Barca equalised, because if they’d lost to a goal after Eboue’s dive it would have left a very sour taste in the mouth. I agree with Henry the ref was poor, but don’t think it cost Arsenal any more. Eboue could easily have picked up a second yellow, and if the advantage law had been harshly applied - as could have been with Cech in last year's semi - Barca’s goal could have stood as well as Lehmann being sent off (though in that case, it would probably have been a yellow - presumably because the scoring chance wasn't actually denied).

Credit to Arsenal though. They played very well with ten men, and still created several breaks as well as looking fairly solid against Barca’s formidable attack. Looks like they did us proud in Europe.

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