Monday, May 01, 2006


Having done the Magdalen Bridge thing a couple of times – and having stayed up to do so – this year I decided it wasn’t worth it. The sleep deprivation isn’t the kind of thing you need to repeat every year. While I’d recommend anyone who’s only in Oxford for a year to ‘do Mayday’ once, just to say you have (and be part of tradition), the fact is there isn’t much to see or hear.

I did, however, get up at 5:45am and head into college – despite the rain, and need to take a lengthier route up Headington Hill and through the University Parks (due to Magdalen Bridge being closed) - for our champagne and strawberry breakfast, and to hear the college choir. The GCR was packed, and it seems some first years had really entered into the spirit of the event.

In the morning, we went to see Morris dancers, which I think were a new phenomenon to our international students – and while we were there saw a man dressed as a tree. (Emily couldn’t get over this costume – in fact, it seemed quite a babe magnet generally, so may be one to try next year…)

p.s. Happy birthday dad.

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