Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Besiktas 2-1 Liverpool

I don't know what has happened to Liverpool's Champions League form all of a sudden. Maybe it's a case of Alternate Season Syndrome (the more general phenomenon behind Second Season Syndrome, I guess) but this is a pretty drastic turnaround, as we've seen in several other aspects of our play (including home and away form).

Though members of the (now Facebook-enabled) GPTW were having drinks in the University club after my talk, I wasn't close enough to a Liverpool screen to see anything of the match really, but knew when the first goal went in. It seems Sami's having a tough time lately and couldn't really be held at fault, but we need Agger back as soon as possible. Him and Alonso are two of our most comfortable in possession and passing so losing both together has understandably had an effect, while Hyypia's lack of pace is stretching the whole defence (at least, I hope that has something to do with the apparent loss of form afflicting the others).

In truth, it wasn't a dreadful performance and we probably deserved at least a draw; although I don't know how so many of the team managed to count 28 shots at goal - the BBC makes it a more modest 18 (11 on target). Too bad Gerrard's goal couldn't inspire another memorable three goal comeback (as in a previous visit to Istanbul), but hopefully it may be a sign/help in his regaining form - and that's somethign we badly need...

Oh, and I think Crouch should've started both today and Sunday.

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