Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Liverpool 2-1 Cardiff

While 2-1 may look like a potential banana skin just avoided, I think (hope) it's a sign of continued recovery. We were able to play a few fringe players, most notably Hobbs, and still win. Perhaps the only downside is needing to play both Carra and Gerrard, largely due to injuries. Thankfully we have, as far as I'm aware, avoided further injuries and can now look forward to the quarter final draw. Things are all Premiership now, but I'm not too bothered who we get. I don't think Chelsea or Arsenal would really be any harder than Everton, Blackburn or Man City if they continue to play their youth/reserve sides.


  1. Even after Arsenal's youth/reserve team got to the final last year, absolutely mullering you en route as I remember?

  2. Yes, they did deal out a pretty heft defeat to us (6-3), but it wasn't our first team either and I think they did get the run of ref's decisions that night. Don't forget that we've finished above them in the table the last two years and just drawn with them in the league. It's not like David v Goliath...