Sunday, October 07, 2007

Liverpool 2-2 Spurs

And suddenly we're conceding goals all over the place... When we lost to Marseille, one of my friends claimed that was like losing to Wigan, based on their respective league positions, and I said that it was really more like losing to Spurs (or Bolton) - who are better than their current position suggests. Even so, at home, we need to be able to win games like this - while our away form is immeasurably better than last year, we've dropped six points at home through inability to win.

For the first 40 minutes, I was actually quite hopeful. After Voronin scored the first, we created several other chances - Gerrard (still not on form) denied only by the wood-work and a late block/tackle. Unfortunately, some uncharacteristic defensive lapses allowed Keane to score either side of half-time, and from then on we struggled. I suppose I should take some comfort from the never-say-die attitude that allowed Torres to score the equalizer well into injury time; I'd certainly have settled for a draw for most of the second half, but we need to improve and soon. Thankfully this international break (unlike the last) may not have come at a bad time - I just hope key players come back fit and it doesn't disrupt our preparation for Everton and Arsenal too badly.

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