Friday, September 16, 2005

Everton in Europe

As a Liverpool fan, I must admit I was somewhat amused by Everton’s 5-1 humiliation in Europe last night. Along with their failure to qualify for the Champions League, it certainly suggests they weren’t good enough for Europe, despite their league position last season, and that the FA should’ve chosen us ahead of them for the 4th CL spot (following the precedent of Real Madrid) – avoiding the ridiculous situation of Chelsea and Liverpool being in the same group.

On the other hand though, I had somewhat mixed emotions – as I had when Man Utd won in 1999 – because I generally support all English teams. Indeed, painful as it is to admit, Man Utd’s success is one of the reasons England were granted a 4th place, which was what allowed Liverpool to qualify last season, when they won. Since Liverpool won the UEFA Cup in 2001, British teams haven’t seemed to fare that well in the lesser competition. Everton’s result was, however, an embarrassment for English football.

And, if nothing else, I wanted them to stay in until Christmas so Everton supporters could see first hand how much two games a week can affect a team’s league form!

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