Thursday, September 22, 2005

Retail Therapy (HMV again)

Yup, the sale is on in store too. I just blew half of last week's pay cheque... In fairness, I've been pretty good all summer, so about time I treated myself. My grant should come in soon anyway...

I got Green Day Dookie, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club BRMC, Audio Bullys Ego War and Hybrid presents Y4k (mix album) for £3.99 each, and for £1.99 each Clarkesville The Half Chapter, Seafood When Do We Start Fighting (2CD), The Gathering Downfall – the early years, Five Pointe O Untitled, Cocteau Twins Blue Bell Knoll, JJ72 I To Sky, Antiproduct Made In USA, Moonspell The Antidote (Ltd edition) and Vega 4 Satellites.

(Links to Amazon - in case you haven't heard of the product, and to give you an idea how much I saved!)

As you can see, they were having a big clear out of random obscure stuff no one (else) has ever heard of. I was tempted to load up with more there, even lots I already had (like several copies of the first two JJ72 albums, Way Out West, etc) I really need to start using eBay or Amazon Marketplace or something - sure I can make a profit on some of those, bearing in mind there were albums I'd already bought (for £6-8) and thought I'd got a bargain at the time!


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