Tuesday, September 20, 2005

HMV Sale

I just got an email from highlighting a couple of real bargains in their sale. This is only online, I don’t know if their high street stores will be offering similar deals, but I intend to go and take a look… Unfortunately I probably won’t place an order a lot of things I’ve already got!

Real bargain is Depeche Mode’s 2CD Singles 86-98 for just £3.99. Also amongst cheap old/80s stuff possibly worth a look are Public Image Limited, Soft Cell, Gang of Four and Adam Ant. Of course, sale staples like Led Zeppelin, The Cure, The Cult and Placebo are present and correct, and worth checking out if you don't already own their stuff by now.

Things I’d perhaps be tempted by include Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Audio Bullys, Faith No More, The Music, Dave Gahan, Lost Highway OST (home of NIN's 'A Perfect Drug') and maybe Faithless (or this one). Other notable bargains: Live, Dubstar, Chimaira, Chemical Brothers, Machine Head, Hard-Fi and Soulfly (tour edition).

How's that for mega-linkage? They'll probably all die when the sale ends, but there's my recommendations while they're cheap...

For the record, while I'm indoctrinating you with my musical tastes, favourites on my stero lately have been Ill Nino, Mew and Metallica. (Those links to Amazon. Reviews of the former two will appear on when I finish!)


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