Thursday, September 29, 2005

Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea (CLQ)

The inevitable, another football update and – almost inevitably it seems I’m trying to put a good spin on 0-0 draws…

Well, against Chelsea, I think most teams would settle for 0-0, even at home. I'd certainly settle for a repeat Sunday, and in Europe that’s actually a fairly decent result – particularly in knockout stages (where away goals come into play)

Sky Sports statistics say each team only had one shot on goal, so as many predicted 0-0 written all over it. Still, that’s three games running where Chelsea have failed to score against us, even with Duff and Robben fit this time, they didn’t offer much. I was, in fact, quite relieved not to see Joe Cole, who’s proved our undoing before…

While we didn’t create much, beyond free kicks and a penalty shout or two (I can’t comment as I haven’t seen them), nor did Chelsea. It’s true Alonso could’ve had a second yellow card, but I thought the first was a bit harsh – and lets not forget so could Lampard and Makalele. (The former could’ve been booked first half for a late tackle on Gerrard, the latter blocked an Alonso free kick when already on a yellow)

We’re still head of the group for now, though it looks like the match at Stamford Bridge will decide who ultimately tops it – assuming the two British teams go through (which isn’t guaranteed, with Betis winning tonight)

Four more points from our two games against Anderlecht and I’ll be quite happy/confident – though, of course, two wins would be better… YNWA

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