Thursday, June 01, 2006


I've spent most of today grappling with paperwork - and I don't even mean filing away the piles of lecture/reading notes lying around my room.

Firstly, I had to register for the Brave New World conference. An application for college research grant followed. (Still have to go through my receipts to do a book grant form before the end of term too)

Then it was on to writing reports on the students I've been teaching this term, and forms in order to claim payment. It appears, just to add to the bureaucracy, that I'm now considered self-employed. So that's another form I have to complete and get to the IRS soon...

On the plus side, I did submit my application for the Lincoln job yesterday: though if I get that there'll be plenty more to do with student status and the AHRC to come.

So much for a paperless society...


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