Friday, June 09, 2006

CT Links

A couple more interesting posts from Crooked Timber.

First, one on Cephalus and Book I of Plato's Republic, with some quite informative comments. I don't know Cephalus' lineage too well, but aside from what he says, I was aware Lysias was his son and that he was a shield (not arms) manufacturer. I'm not fully sure about the significance of such, but while vaguely on topic Myles Burnyeat's lectures on Republic I this term are highly recommended.

Second, one on the meaning of social justice (or, at least, this was the predominant theme of comments - the piece itself was largely about education). Personally I always understood social justice to mean primarily justice within a society, as opposed to global justice. Consequently I'm inclined to deny that social justice is really justice (as a prima facie duty isn't really a duty).


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