Monday, June 12, 2006


Having renewed last year's acquaintance with Prof Dan Robinson by attending his lectures on the Philosophy of Law this year - a topic that actually arose out of one of my comments last year - I was lucky enough to be treated by him to lunch in Quod today.

I have to say, it's not the kind of place I'd normally go. A light lunch for the two of us - roasted vegetables and fruit salad for me, an omlette and two coffees for him, and a bottle of water - came to just over £30 plus tip. It was nice, but the portions were small, and either I'm not well qualified to judge (highly possible) or it wasn't really that special. I probably could have found alternative venues where I'd feel I'd eaten as well for about a fiver.

Still, it was enjoyable to be taken somewhere so up-market, and of course the conversation was what made the occasion. Anyone who's been to Dan's lectures will know he's full of engaging anecdotes (we had one this morning about a topless French lady when he was a beachguard - usually they're more philosophical!) He grilled me a bit about my thesis, insisting I need to show what's wrong with majorities, but we also talked about how un-Kantian Rawls is as regards desert, and his plans to lecture on Kant's First Critique here next Hilary. I look forward to it.

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