Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Insurance: Who Pays?

When Djibril Cisse broke his leg, playing for France just before the World Cup, Rafa Benitez suggested Liverpool should be compensated by the national association or FIFA.

My immediate reaction was it'd be nice, but I wasn't sure I was convinced that someone else should pick up the bill. One might well say it should be up to the clubs to insure their own players for injuries in internationals. I was tempted then to go on a long rant about Dworkin, insurance markets, etc but haven't had time to get into it.

I still haven't got round to it, but I'm even more tempted to after hearing that Newcastle will be compensated, by the FA, for Owen's injury. I could, of course, add some complaint about how like cases aren't currently treated alike, and leaving these matters to each individual association is to result in what Dworkin calls 'patchwork principles'.

If I get time this summer, I'd really like to have a thorough go through his quasi-Luck Egalitarian arguments about equality.


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