Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sports Day

I was sorry I was unable to accept Omar's invitation to a house party in London today, although I'm sure it would have been fun, and I felt some duty to go (reciprocating for the fact he always visits Oxford), I also felt not just that I wanted to go but should go to the GCR sports day - both as a committee member and because I've been nagging our Soc Sec Emily to organise something down Barts all term.

It turns out only three people from college made it all the way down Cowley Road (the rest of you: you're all lame) but with a reasonable Barts contingent plus a few undergrads and visitors we had plenty of people. I played some volleyball, then won my first ever game of croquet (me and Ed vs Rosemary and Emily), before rounding the day off with some tennis and Pimms.


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