Thursday, June 15, 2006

England 2-0 Trinidad and Tobago

After missing half the game against Paraguay (due to my friends' visit), I was determined to see England v T&T. All the more so since Dan sensibly re-scheduled our graduate workshop to the University Club so we could all watch it - me, him, Julia, Sarah, Kieran and Christian & Miriam.

It wasn't a particularly entertaining game, and exciting only because of the nail-biting-inducing worry whether England would manage to score. It was obvious than Sven shared the anxiety, introducing Rooney with over half an hour to go, and even changing formation at the same time (as Lennon replaced Carragher).

Thankfully goals were duly scored by the Liverpool lads, Crouch and Gerrard. The former looks like England's best (fully fit) striker right now, while after Lampard's many misses in the match the latter really needs to be given licence to push forward.


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