Thursday, June 14, 2007


After a day spent listening to Quentin Skinner, Alan Ryan et al talking about the differences between Cambridge history and Oxford theory, the department's end of term party was a welcome break. I was able to ask several of the recently-finished MPhils how their exams went - all seemed reasonably happy, but none of those hoping to stay next year were willing to count their chickens.

I'd signed in for high table in Jesus, which was the last chance for me, Leigh, Steve and Rhiannon. Even though there were seven of us altogether, we ate in the SCR rather than the hall, which is often nicer (it's easier to talk to people round a small table than lined up along one side of a big one), but slightly disappointing that twice this week I failed to get my last meal on the actual high table.

After dinner, I headed up to Milan's post-exam BBQ. I was disappointed to find I'd missed a game of football, and being stuffed from crisps at the earlier party before high table I didn't eat anything. Nonetheless it was and enjoyable time, and we hung around talking in his very nice garden until around midnight, at which point someone suggested going on to Baby Love and I decided to make an exit.

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