Saturday, June 02, 2007


Thankfully June has been more like April than May so far - i.e. generally warm and sunny, rather than cold and wet. Today I went to my first barbecue, celebrating Rachele's birthday, and it was not only so sunny some people arrived burned, but warm enough to hang around the garden until 11 (and in only a t-shirt).

I didn't know many people there, but it was quite a nice time. Possible highlight was being introduced to someone by Rachele saying something along the lines of 'Ben, this guy knows what that says on your t-shirt [Cyclefly] and likes them. Sometimes he wears t-shirts like you too, but today he's dressed normally'!

Luckily my Tesco veggie burgers also barbecued fine, even from slightly frozen - unlike Dunlaith's Indian quarter pounders, which only fell apart even more than under the grill, and consequently ended up uneaten.

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  1. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Heh - glad you had a nice time :)
    Sorry about the badly worded comment about your t-shirt :))
    And even worse - I think Dunlaith tried to eat those things.... :)))