Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kamm Reading Group

Dr. S. Matthew Liao from the Program on the Ethics of the New Biosciences would like to invite you to participate in a summer reading group on Frances Kamm's new book Intricate Ethics, which will take place online at

Each week, a commentator will provide a summary of a chapter and some points for consideration. The post will then be open for discussion, and we welcome your thoughts on any aspect of the chapter. Please register yourself on the blog.

The Kamm Reading Group is in part sponsored by the Program on the Ethics of the New Biosciences, and aims a) to help launch Ethics, Etc as one of Britain's first group ethics blogs; and b) to provide a service to the philosophical community on Kamm's important book. Professor Kamm will give the Uehiro Lecture in 2008. So do join us for the discussions and let your colleagues know about this event.

The schedule is as follows:

Chapter 1 July 6 S. Matthew Liao (Oxford) Nonconsequentialism

Chapter 2 July 13 Toby Ord (Oxford) Aggregation and two moral methods

Chapter 3 July 20 Daniel Star (ANU) Intention, harm, and the possibility of a unified theory

Chapter 4 July 27 David Wasserman (Yeshiva) The doctrines of double and triple effect and why a rational agent need not intend the means to his end

Chapter 5 Aug 3 Dan Moller (JHU/Maryland) Toward the essence of nonconsequentialist constraints on harming : modality, productive purity, and the greater good working itself out

Chapter 6 Aug 10 Nir Eyal (Harvard) Harming people in Peter Unger's Living high and letting die

Chapter 7 Aug 17 Guy Kahane (Oxford) Moral status

Chapter 8 Aug 24 Nick Shackel (Oxford) Rights beyond interests

Chapter 9 Aug 31 Rebecca Roache (Oxford) Conflicts of rights: a typology

Chapter 10 Sept 7 Neil Levy (Melbourne & Oxford) Responsibility and collaboration

Chapter 11 Sept 14 Tom Douglas (Oxford) Does distance matter morally to the duty to rescue?

Chapter 12 Sept 21 Thom Brooks (Newcastle) The new problem of distance in morality

Chapter 13 Sept 28 Julian Savulescu (Oxford) Peter Singer's ethical theory

Chapter 14 Oct 5 Michael Otsuka (UCL) Moral intuitions, cognitive psychology, and the harming/not-aiding distinction

Chapter 15 Oct 12 Mark Sheehan (Oxford) Harms, losses, and evils in Gert's moral theory

Chapter 16 Oct 19 Gerald Lang (Leeds) Owing, justifying, and rejecting

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