Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Anderlecht 0-1 Liverpool

Despite the fact that Anderlecht were third seeds, whereas Real Betis were effectively unseeded (fourth and last), Anderlecht - having lost their last nine European games - are the whipping boys of our group. To travel and win 1-0 is therefore not amazing, but a satisfactory result, a case of 'job done'.

I wasn't able to watch much of the match, though I went to a pub to discuss Parfit's Reasons and Personswith some friends and the second half was on screen. Pleasing to see Cisse score another. No coincidence we score more with him in the team, and I hope he now hits form... Also good to see Kewell make a competitive comeback, though I didn't see much of him in the game. I'm really looking forward to having him fit and in the team again.

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