Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fulham 1-0 Liverpool

The defeat to Chelsea was not too surprising. Liverpool’s defeat to Fulham this afternoon, however, was much more disappointing.

Ok, that it went from 1-0 to 2-0 in the 92nd minute doesn’t really bother me – in the circumstances I’d have liked us to press forward. The fact we again couldn’t score – though partly due, ironically, to former Liverpool reserve ‘keeper Tony Warner – is worrying though.

The return of Harry Kewell was great news. The decision to replace our most natural winger – whose crosses Peter Crouch is supposedly to thrive on – with the man who should be on the end of them (Crouch) was, however, utterly baffling. Sure Kewell was unlikely to last 90 minutes, but it would’ve been nice to see him get some chance to link with Crouch.

Replacing Traore with Garcia was also a strange choice. It was Josemi who’d been leaving gaping holes in our backline, so I think the natural course of action would’ve been to replace him – moving Carra to right back and playing Hyypia and Traore central with Riise on the left. Admittedly I’m reluctant to lose Carra from the centre, but the fact is Hyypia and Traore weren’t greatly troubled, and missing both Finnan and Barragan we don’t have many more options at RB. Josemi really has to improve, or go...

So, to sum up, good points:
Return of Harry Kewell

Not scoring
Three points dropped
Puzzling substitutions

I won’t deny it was disappointing, but up until today I don’t think we’d had that bad a start to the season, and fingers crossed one more win should see us qualify to the Champions League knockout stage.

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