Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Several Quick Things

Several quick things to say today:

1. Yesterday I went out for dinner with the speaker following the regular Moral Philosophy Seminar. I’d never done that before, but it was quite nice – even if it was a bit expensive at £15 despite being subsidised (I think they picked a wine a bit out of my range to be honest…)

2. This was in spite of having an essay to mark last night. I had (taught) my first tutorial today. I think it went fairly well – at least I was able to get over how strange it felt to be on the other side, and able to raise questions for the student rather than showing up my lack of knowledge. I do worry it may have been more of a Socratic-style ‘aporetic’ experience for her. I hope she learned from being required to think, rather than just getting confused...

3. I went out to the IMSoc (Indie Music Society) event Vertigo at the Cellar. Saw three bands play, of which The Half Rabbits were best – if rather too much like Interpol. The DJs were pretty good too, but the place was absolutely packed.

4. Crystal Palace 2-1 Liverpool. Typical – another case of chances created, us only playing for the first half, and heroic goal-keeping. I honestly would’ve liked to have seen a lot more youngsters used, like last year – it couldn’t have been a worse result after all… Still, we did see Kewell and Gerrard coming back from injury, and at the end of the day the Carling Cup was the least important of this year’s four or five competitions. Last year we crashed out at the first hurdle (Burnley) in the FA Cup remember, so let’s hope we can do better there this time.


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