Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oxford Street

Been a long day today. Had to get up early to go to Oxford Street (London), where I was meeting my dad and aunt to visit a great aunt.

I walked most of the way to Oxford station, stopping only to buy a much needed new bike now I’ve had a bit of money come in from work… Just made it to the station at 10:30 to get what I thought was the train I wanted, but it turned out to be a slow one. Took me one hour forty to get to Paddington – which would’ve been just 55 minutes on a fast train, and probably shouldn’t have been that long even with the stops (we sat stationary in Didcot for ten minutes!)

Made it to my great aunt’s not too late, and we went to a nearby Italian for lunch. It was quite nice, but the portions were fairly small and for four of us (main courses, two side salads, three desserts and mineral/tonic water to drink) it cost £70!

Got to do a bit of shopping on Oxford Street afterwards. I bought a few more CDs in their HMV – though it either didn’t have such a big clearout as the smaller Oxford store, or the best bargains had gone.

Highlight of the day was the fact that I passed Martin Grech on Oxford Street. I wouldn’t have recognised him, were it not for the fact I saw him live a week ago, but I’m sure it was him. I didn’t notice until he’d almost passed, otherwise I might have said something – but then, I’d only really have said ‘wow, you’re Martin Grech’ and given that he seems quite shy it might’ve been awkward…

Freshers week officially begins tomorrow, but I’m going to a ‘back to school’ party tonight to kick things off. If it’s anything like last year’s party it’ll be great fun, though I’ve been on my feet all day and don’t feel much like dancing to be honest.

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