Friday, October 07, 2005

Blog Plugging

It seems that Bloggers are supposed to spend half their time reading and commenting on each others' Blogs, as well as writing their own. While I'm aware that this would probably increase my traffic, I barely have time to write all this, let alone spend half my days trawling through what other people may have written.

Nonetheless, a few others have come to my attention. I started here after seeing a blog by my friend Rob (who did the M.Phil Political Theory with me). He's got many links and suggestions, so that also took me to an interesting one by Chris Brooke (an Oxford politics/history tutor at Magdalen).

I've linked to these in the side bar, under 'other blogs I read' (though it'd be an exaggeration to say I'm devoted to them). I'll keep that up-dated if and when I stumble across more things of note.


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