Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Birthdays and freshers

Sorry the updates have been a bit erratic lately, but freshers’ week and the need to do some work have been impinging on my time. I suppose I’ll be pretty busy all term, as per normal.

I must begin by saying happy 21st birthday to my brother John. I don’t know what he’s up to, but he’s in his final year at university, and no doubt has plans to go out drinking…

In fact, that’s not so different to what the week’s been like here. Yesterday I had tea with the chaplain, followed by formal hall in our ‘families’ (according to the graduate parent/adoption scheme) and a ghost tour of Oxford. It was pretty interesting, though I don’t really believe any of it.

The undergraduates came back to college today too. We know better, but they think they own the place; and it's strange having so many people about again just when we'd got used to things being so quiet. It's funny how you forget what it's like to start university in a new place. Even their questions are so funny - 'are you a second year?' 'No, fourth'!

Other than that (or, indeed, including it) today was rather boring – I had to get some work done, and I have a teacher training seminar to attend tomorrow. I did actually get a (mass) email after people to tutor Mill’s Utilitarianism to first year undergraduates. I expressed an interest, but haven’t heard anything, so that looks unlikely.


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