Sunday, October 16, 2005

Liverpool 1-0 Blackburn Rovers

At last, another win!

Ok, it was only 1-0 but Liverpool dominated possession, as once Blackburn were down to ten men they were bound to defend for a point. While it’s true Morientes and Cisse both missed loads of chances, that proves we were creating them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not over-joyed by our performance, but the important thing is to win. Last season I believe we only drew, so this is two more points gained, and means we have ten compared to five from equivalent fixtures last season. Not bad!

The main talking point would probably be Hyypia getting axed from the squad. Well, I said we needed a first choice replacement in the summer, and given the way Drogba ran rings round him last week I wasn’t too surprised. That he wasn’t even on the bench was a bit of a surprise – unless he’d picked up a knock and wasn’t considered fit.

The formation was a bit of a strange one. Either Josemi or Traore (or both) could play CB, and Warnock or Finnan could play in midfield. Initially it looked like perhaps we were playing a back three and wing backs – something else I’d called for, albeit with Finnan and Riise. Perhaps in fact it was Josemi (RB), Carra and Traore, Warnock (LB) and Finnan (RM) in a 4-4-2.

The decision to play Cisse as a second out and out striker seemed to work. Granted his goal was only from a free kick, and he missed other chances, but he looked far more of a goal threat than Crouch. I’d like to see us playing two up more often, though arguably we were only freed to do so by Gerrard’s injury. That also gave Zenden the opportunity to play in the middle, and he had possibly his best game yet for us (not that hard)

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