Sunday, November 27, 2005

7th Week Round-up

Round up: Thank goodness it’s now the start of 8th week. I’m looking forward to the end of term… Last week was crazily busy. Tuesday I ended up getting a late spot on the New College exchange dinner, and met a guy (Paul) from my department just starting a PhD there. I’d seen him in seminars, but having dinner together gave us a chance to get to know each other properly.

Thursday, after our Political Theory Workshop, we traditionally go to the Kings Arms for drinks. This week I’d been planning on getting food too, since I was going on to the Jurisprudence Discussion Group, but Paul suggested New College bar, since it was cheaper and closer than KA. So I ended up back there, and had to go to the law seminar on wine but no real food… It was a good talk though, about deliberative democracy, and I got to say rather a lot (since those lawyers don’t work so much on democracy). Prof John Gardner was there, and joined us in the KA afterwards – where on leaving I met Paul and some of the other Politics students, also leaving the KA where they’d gone after New!

Prof Gardner not only bought me a drink, but invited me to his annual Jurisprudence party Friday, so that gave me another night out, and again without dinner… And Saturday was the CSSJ conference, so again no dinner, and New College bar afterwards, for the third time in a week!


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