Saturday, November 26, 2005

Man City 0-1 Liverpool

I didn’t see any of this match, owing to being at the launch of the Oxford Centre for the Study of Social Justice conference.

From the sounds of it, Liverpool were hardly fluid, but ground out a 1-0 win, which is exactly what we need to be doing to maintain our progress up the table.

The main talking point seemed to be the minute’s silence for George Best cut down to about 20 seconds. It was hardly surprising that a Man City/Liverpool crowd wouldn’t be keen to respect someone so connected with Man Ure. I know a number of people were unhappy with the decision for a national minute’s silence, given he wasn’t even English, and had pissed his life away.

It’s interesting to note he was applauded at Wolves, Celtic and (I think) Old Trafford. This, I’m told, is the continental approach, and far more sensible. It allows any who don’t agree to ‘voice’ that by not clapping, yet without spoiling the overall effect – as with those who talked in the silence.