Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Amusing Stupidity

One problem with democracy is that everyone gets an equal vote: you, me, and even complete idiots. I suspect the individual involved here is below the current voting age, but still the funniest thread of the century surely.

Someone by username of 'ChelseaUnbeatable' was posting wind-ups on the BBC's Liverpool messageboard. He changed it to 'ChelseaWin99%OfGames' in light of recent events, but was challenged as follows:

Screen name still wrong. As you've played 17 games this season (12 in the EPL, 1 in CC, 4 in CL) and lost 3 then ChelseaWin87percentofTheirGames is more appropriate. [message 17]

His reply was:

I don't know how to do percentages but we went on a winning streak at the beginning of season it was 100% now it has dropped about 1 percent to 99% with
recent blip, common sense. Even the government fiddle figures, but the facts speak don't lie. [message 23]

Before going on to say:

I meant last year we won more silverware, in future all the silverware is ours too you will just have old grotty rusty silverware all ours is brand new fresh shiny silverware from the 20th century. [message 31]

When it was pointed out to him that we're actually in the 21st century, his initial reaction was:

We are in the 20th century you muppet 20th is 2000 onwards, 21st is 2100 onwards just add two zero [message 38]

Before eventually recanting:

I just checked on Google yes we are in the 21st century, I thought you add two
zero's [message 49]
Despite this, however, a seeming Man Utd fan leapt (surprisingly) to his defence:

we are in the 20th century until 2009 and then when we change to 2010 we are then in the 21st century. [message 103]

It's funnier because it's a Chelsea fan, but whatever age he is (or century he's in) I worry about the state of our education system, not to mention democracy...


At 8:13 pm, Blogger Ben said...

I hate the quote function on here...

At 12:37 am, Blogger Milan said...

Just... incredible.

The beauty part is that people talk about how the Internet will serve as a forum that will revitalize direct democracy. With this high level of discourse, it cannot happen soon enough.


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