Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Villa 0-2 Liverpool

Another good result for Liverpool today. I didn’t catch much of the game, being at the conference, but I was able to follow the last 30 minutes on the BBC website, and see the goals on the news tonight.

By all accounts, not a vintage performance – attacking-wise at least (Carragher was apparently outstanding, as ever) and 2-0 probably flattered us slightly. Villa were caught out at the end, as we have been before (e.g. against Chelsea). And I’d take a poor performance and 3 points over a good performance and one point (as in our opening game at the Riverside) any day.

Milan Baros didn’t come back to haunt us; where Crouch – while missing probably the easiest chance of the game – won the penalty and was involved in Alonso’s goal.

Going to my mate Rob’s house party tonight to watch fireworks, so that’s it for now. More conference tomorrow…


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