Saturday, November 19, 2005

Liverpool 3-0 Portsmouth

I only followed the game online, while working, and am going to a birthday party tonight so won’t get to see MotD. Still, sounds like another good result for Liverpool, with Cisse and Morientes both scoring.

Too bad Crouch’s duck continues – with a saved penalty and all – but by most accounts he played pretty well. I don’t think it counts as an assist (to the much improved Zenden, who got the rebound) though.

My main concerns are injuries to Garcia and Alonso. No word from LFC on how bad those are as of yet, but hopefully they’ll be fit for next weekend. I think since we can probably afford to rest them (on the bench) for the Betis clash we should.

From the BBC 606 Messageboard: "Alonso was clearly stuggling and limping off the pitch and Finnan passes the ball to him when he can hardly walk! Fair play to Alonso, got the ball, back heeled it to one of our players then hobbled off."

Commiserations to my flatmate Glyn, who saw Southampton turn a 3-0 lead into a 3-4 defeat in the last 20 minutes this afternoon.


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