Saturday, November 12, 2005


It's only occasionally, when something goes wrong, that one realises how important email is here in Oxford. The college were carrying out scheduled maintenance work this afternoon, involving a power cut and hence loss of email (run through the central college server). It was scheduled for 2-4 hours from 2pm today. Well, five hours later, the internet's still working (because our off-site flats run through a separate hub), but the email's still down. I don't know if this means power is still off in college - in which case I pity the poor people in the cold and dark - or if they just buggered something up. Either way, the lack of access to my email is annoying. Of course, I have other accounts, but the college one is my primary one - and I don't know how to contact many other people than via their (also not working) accounts... I honestly have difficulty imagining university before the days of email, internet and mobile phones.


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