Saturday, March 24, 2007

England Inquest

I didn't watch today's dire 0-0 draw with Israel, but nonetheless want to add an uninformed opinion...

I thought it was well known that Phil Neville should never play for England again. I'd have played Carra on the right - where he could have offered a bit more going forward - and Barry at left-back. (Or I'd consider calling up Steven Warnock, if we're so short on the left - but some will say that's just Liverpool bias talking).

Obviously the full-backs we had were never going to give us great width going forward, but we should have been able to produce more with the players we did have. I think we're missing Joe Cole or even Scholes for that creativity. While Gerrard and even Lampard are good 'attacking' midfielders, they're goal-scorers not creative.

I'd hope to see Gerrard and Lampard in the middle - probably with Lennon and Downing - against Andorra. We shouldn't need a holding midfielder there.



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