Friday, March 16, 2007

EoT Dinner: A Bridge Too Far?

Last night was our regular End of Term dinner - the last of the out-going committee.

It was a really nice meal. The French theme wasn't too obtrusive, apart from grace and a few speeches (I think our Francophone VP and President may have conferred on this), though my place was set for 'Benoit'.

(For those on Facebook, some albums can be found here, here and here)

In a radical break from tradition, we went to The Bridge rather than Baby Love afterwards. It was amazingly my first time there, and for most of it I wasn't disappointed by what I'd been 'missing out' on. They were playing something loosely 'urban', r&b and/or hip-hop, and the place was swarming with (Jesus) undergrads. Things improved somewhat when I found the upstairs room - playing a mix of popular rock and dance stuff without too much cheese - but even so, I doubt I'll be returning soon.

The arrival of a new Ministry t-shirt and last week's fun at the Zodiac makes me keen to visit the Cellar or Zodiac again soon though...

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