Monday, March 26, 2007

Force of the Majority

Following my earlier post, Robert Poole was kind enough to send me the following reply:

The episode you mention was Samuel Bamford at the Crown & Anchor meeting of 22 Jan 1817. Linda Colley mentions it in Britons, using Bamford's Passages in the Life of a Radical [links]. Cobbett's account is in Cobbett's Weekly Political Pamphlet, 22 Feb. 1817, although looking back at the Register he seems to have been persuaded of the case in general in November 1816.

Time to head to the archives I guess... (His article in Past and Present 192 may also be worth me looking at, if I get time)

Nick was also kind enough to comment, suggesting I could even end up citing Foucault in my thesis!

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