Friday, March 09, 2007

Jack Straw

I went to see Jack Straw tonight. Chatham House rules prevent me attributing anything said to him, but I didn't think he really said much interesting anyway (his main argument was about how the Commons is more effective now than 50 years ago - he only talked about the recent Lords reforms in questions).

What was more interesting was the fact - despite turning up 10 mins early - we were almost turned away by an over-zealous bouncer, until my friend Maria pointed out there were in fact seats left in the room. Some subsequent arrivals were turned away, on grounds of over-crowding and fire-safety regulations. Of course, when Jack himself turned up with some grey-haired men-in-suits they were allowed in (probably because they were important) - and after that (seemingly, to his credit, at Jack's instigation) other mere students were allowed in...

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