Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Productive Day

Well, maybe today wasn't actually all that productive, but the key was that I finished several on-going projects, which made me feel a lot better about myself.

First, and probably most important, was a complete re-writing of chapter one of my thesis (8,229 words), which I emailed to my supervisor.

Secondly, I emailed a book note to Political Studies Review, on this. Those with full text access can monitor here, though it probably won't be in print until September (though I should, hopefully, have two in that issue).

Lastly, it was the fourth and final session of the Learning Institute class teaching seminars today. This was really a chance for people to raise questions/issues, and as I was one of only two who'd done so we got to spend a fair amount of time talking around the revision classes I'm giving next term. I don't think it's radically changed my ideas - I'll be basing the class around student essay plans - but it was helpful to bounce ideas around. Also at the end of the class I got talking to Joel - Theology Fellow at Mansfield - who also has to give revision classes next term. We agreed to have lunch on Thursday to exchange ideas.

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