Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Post-Doc Opportunities

As I said, I'm aiming to have a reasonably presentable draft of about half my thesis done by the start of next term. The other half should be written over the summer, with Michaelmas devoted to tidying things up and applying for jobs and such, the aim being to submit by around Christmas. Obviously this is all a bit tentative at this stage, and things may change, but while I'm feeling in a 'writing up' mood I've already started giving some thought to what comes next. (Obviously attempting to get a publication or two would help my options, but time is tight).

Current details are for 2007, where the deadlines are now passed, but this is a reminder for next year - when hopefully I'll finish just ahead of these deadlines:

The Leverhume Trust say "[a]pproximately 50 [Early Career] Fellowships to be offered in 2007. Application materials will be available from 2 January 2007"

The British Academy expect "that up to 37 Postdoctoral Fellowships in the humanities and social sciences will be available in this year’s competition. In recent years the strength of competition for the available awards has been intense. The success rate last year was 5.4%, when 593 applications were received and only 32 awards could be made. There is every reason to expect the strength of competition to be as fierce in 2007 as in other recent years." Their application deadline was 28th February. Notes here.

Of course, even if I do finish on time, unless I have more success finding a temporary job for next year I'll probably be sat around unemployed between submission and the following September...

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