Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog Posts of Note

With the start of term fast approaching I'm rapidly running out of time... Not had time to post much, but here are links to some interesting discussions I've been following:

What role should pedigree playing in hiring decisions? (Pea Soup). Unsurprisingly, this one's been picked up on over at the Smoker.

Should graduate students be encouraged not to publish? (Pea Soup). I thought that had been common advice from top departments a generation or more ago but no longer - with the more common advice these days being 'publish or perish' and follow Thom Brooks' advice. Then again, anecdotally it seems a lot of hires are of unpublished PhDs from top schools on the basis of 'potential' (see, again, the above discussion of pedigree).

Do young philosophers have a sense of entitlement? (Leiter) That is, do recent PhDs from good universities expect to walk into a job with a low teaching load, plenty of time/support for research and a nice location/quality of life - or, indeed, a job at all.

What are the obligations of faculty to students? (Pea Soup, again). In particular, is it more important to help graduates write a stellar thesis or land a job?

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