Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stoke 0-0 Liverpool

That was the worst game of football I've seen in ages. We were dire. At least when we drew with Stoke at Anfield we made lots of chances, this time very little.

Gerrard was surprisingly anonymous, maybe his head's on the court case. I didn't have much faith in Kuyt leading the line, although he tried. Torres isn't match fit/sharp and Babel's been pretty useless later - Keane and El Zhar may have been better options.

Although he seemed to get a lot of stick, I didn't think Lucas did a lot wrong, other than play one header across goal when on target probably would've scored. Still we've had a sharp downturn in form since h/t vs Preston so I can only hope Alonso's return will swing things round. He is very important to our play, particularly when Gerrard's not playing well.

That, and let's hope Man Utd and Chelsea both lose tomorrow...


  1. Having seen the highlights on MOTD, I was pretty glad I decided it was too cold to bother...

  2. Really, you should be. Although you could have got to know Tom better - he's going to ECPR in April too.

    Did you go see Slumdog Millionaire? James and Annelies did last night and said it was good.