Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nice Job if You Can Get it...

I'm currently reading Don Tapscott's latest book, Grown Up Digital, in which he talks extensively about how the Net Gen (born 1977-97) value freedom, collaboration, personalization and speed. He says they will often choose jobs for reasons other than their pay packet. In fact, he recounts one 26 year old's account of his ideal job: time to work on his own projects, ability to telecommute (not stuck in a cubicle), flexible hours, stock options/benefits, travel opportunities, training, expense account, and masseuse (p.159).

Except for the stock options and the masseuse (which I assume was tongue in cheek) it struck me that academia probably ranks pretty highly by these standards. I admit that I'd love the kind of job that I could leave in the office at 5pm each day (or even 7pm) and that gave me free weekends, but having wandered into my office for first time since Christmas at 14:30 yesterday, and then gone to the pub in the evening, knowing I didn't have to do anything particular this morning, I do enjoy the flexibility...

Anyway, now it's official: Philosophy is the 12th best job going. (Via Leiter and Smoker).

p.s. Anyone know what a Roustabout is?

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