Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dr Saunders, I Presume?

We've had mild confusion occasioned in college by the presence of another Dr Nigel Saunders at dinner (not actually a member of college but the partner of one). This term, things may be further complicated by one of the visitors to Corpus (Dr Cheryl Saunders). Indeed, I also once received mail intended for this Dr Robert Saunders. And I'm aware of - and recently corresponded with - at least this one (Dr Clare Saunders).

I just had the strange experience, looking on, of seeing that Ben Saunders had uploaded a new CV. Seems there's another 'me' out there - although he's actually Benjamin T. Saunders (it seems he goes by Ben but uses the T on publications, as well as being in psychology, so hopefully no confusion will arise).

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